EA is Not The Worst Company in America Anymore, Time Warner Cable is Worse

Electronic Arts has held the throne (or whatever you might want to call it) for being the worst company of America since the past two whole years.

However, The Worst Company of America 2014 Awards had better competition this time. EA is no more the reigning king of United States’ worst companies as it has lost in the first round of the voting to Time Warner Cable.

When Electronic Arts was nominated for the title for the third time in a row, its past record (winning twice) made everyone expect that they would walk away with the Golden Poo again. However, it looks like Battlefield 4 and more importantly Titanfall’s hype has done them some good.

Don’t think they are completely clean though, the competition between EA and Time Warner Cable was the toughest that the ‘championship’ has seen since the past three years. EA lost only be a little over two percent; Time Warner Cable snatches 51.2 percent of the votes.

When the Worst Company of America 2014 tournament was started and EA got nominated again, producer Patrick Soderlund had argued that they didn’t believe even for a second that the company deserved this title.

Do you think that EA should not have been chucked out of the competition so soon? Or are you in favor of those who decided not to vote Electronic Arts as the worst company in America due to Titanfall?

Voice your opinions below.