Double Fine’s New Indie Publishing Division Starts With Escape Goat 2

Double Fine is best know for developing titles like Psychonauts, Brutal Legend and Broken Age, but the studio is now looking to support the indie community by acting as a publisher. It will begin by providing “promotional assistance and distribution” for MagicalTimeBean’s Escape Goat 2.

“Our goal is to help indies build their own community and empower them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed on their own,” Bailey told Game Informer. He also added that in the past they have been approached multiple times by many developers for publishing assistance.

“They all had a unique request and that’s where we started to see there was a real need for the knowledge we’ve gained over the last 14 years on how to prototype, fund, develop and publish our own games.”

At the moment Double Fine’s publishing department is being handled by two people – Bailey himself and senior publishing manager Greg Rice. In time and with success, the team plans to expand.

Lastly Double Fine expects indie developers to not only approach them for publishing purposes but also funding help with Kickstarter campaigns, development feedback, promotional campaigns and porting advice.

Escape Goat 2 launched yesterday on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam for $10.

Source Game Informer