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‘Zombies Monsters Robots’ Announced by En Masse Entertainment – A F2P Shooter

At GDC 2014, En Masse Entertainment the studio behind iOS shooter Mercenary Ops and MMORPG TERA announced their upcoming title Zombies Monsters Robots which will be developed in collaboration with Yingpei Games.

The game will be a free-to-play third person shooter and as the name suggests, it will include three of the biggest enemies featured nowadays in the games – Zombies, Monsters and Robots.

The game storyline is quite similar to one of Elder Scrolls: Oblivion where different portals have opened up in the world and the different types of enemies are coming out of them to bring end to humanity.

The players must co-operate and co-ordinate with each other to take down multiple hordes of enemies in Co-op mode of the game.

Moreover, In addition to the Co-op mode ‘Zombies Monsters Robots’ will feature a number of competitive modes as well. There will also be an option to play as the Monsters and upgrade them, in the human vs. monsters mode. Up to 16 are allowed to be in a match.

Just like all the other games nowadays, the developers will keep on making more content for the game even after the game’s release. A report at Polygon suggests that the first DLC of the game will include a Dino Island Map which is “overrun with dinosaurs with guns strapped to their backs.”

The partnership between two studios is likely to continue even after this project is finished as one of the developer noted:

We’re really excited for our future together

Zombies Monsters Robots will be available on Steam Early Access in the start of May with full launch expected sometime in summer.