Volition’s Cancelled PS4, Xbox One Title Was a Post-Apocalyptic Open World Shooter

Greg Donovan, senior producer at Volition revealed that the studio was working on an Open-World Action game for the Xbox One and PS4 until they pulled the plug on it recently.

Speaking during a panel discussion at GDC last week, Donovan explained that the game was codenamed “Zeus” and was set in a Post apocalyptic scenario. The player took control of a Hardened Gunslinger exploring the lawless and destroyed city, mostly on foot. The game was a completely new direction for the studio, going for realism and survival as compared to the Over-the-Top Saints Row franchise.

Donovan blamed lack of time and resources for the project’s demise. He said they could have finished the game but it would’ve taken too long thus cancelling it was the right call.

Volition is currently working on a ‘top secret’ title and will use the experience they gained whilst working on “Zeus” and is owned by Koch Media who also own game developer and publisher “Deep Silver” known for “Dead Island” and “Metro” amongst other games.