Sony Might Be Considering Collector’s Edition for The Order: 1886

A latest report suggests that Sony is carrying out a survey to ask fans what they would like to see in The Order: 1886 Collector’s Edition.

Though Sony has not announced a Collector’s Edition for The Order: 1886, I would not be surprised if this comes out to be true since Collector’s Editions are gaining rapid popularity.

The survey in discussion provides users with possible designs for a limited edition figurine that might be included in this yet-to-be-announced edition of the game. Along with this, one question in the survey is clearly stated as:

How likely are you to purchase a Collector’s Edition of The Order 1886?

All the figurines provided are of Sir Galahad who is the main protagonist of the game.

The email regarding the survey is said to be from the Senior Community Manager of Playstation Digital Platform, Paul M. Sullivan. The full email regarding the survey program is provided below:

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay everyone, but we’ve been working to secure a lineup of content that we think is very fitting for MVP Feedback. First on that list is another survey regarding The Order: 1886; we’re looking at potential options for the Collector’s Edition of The Order: 1886.

This survey contains *very* sensitive information. The disclosure language in your T&C absolutely applies to this survey. Do not share anything that you have learned by completing this survey with anyone.


Again, please do not share this link or password with anyone outside of the MVP program.

Please let the other MVPs know as we’d like to get as much feedback as possible on this. We’ll stick with the same method by keeping it to one thread for the poll and feedback/discussion.


Paul M. Sullivan
Senior Community Manager
PlayStation Digital Platforms
Sony Computer Entertainment America
PSN ID: Tempest_Fire

You can take part in the survey by visiting the link provided in the email. However, be warned that it will ask you of your PSN ID at the end. Enter it at your own risk!

Check out the images of the potential figures below and let us know which one would you like?

The Order: 1886 Survey

Source: NeoGAF