OUYA Dropping Mandatory Demo Requirement for Developers

Ouya’s Bob Mills announced changes in the company’s policy to allow developers the choice of releasing their games through a free to try or Paid Model in the coming weeks.

Current Ouya policy require all games to have a demo for the players to “Try before you Buy” which was considered an important model since it appealed to gamers and that was Ouya’s main focus from the start.

As appealing it might be for the Gamers to try the game before they purchase it, the policy added more pressure on the developers, forcing them to prepare a demo of the game which caused a lot of inconvenience for some developers because they had to invest more of their team into the creation of the demo.

Some developers claimed the requirement of the demo defeated the purpose of making the game since their team is required to prioritize the demo instead of the whole game.

Mills mentioned in the blog that the developers had been complaining of the mandatory demo requirement for more than a year. Some developers faced budget issues, some said adding a demo to their game makes no sense at all and some questioned the requirement directly. Mills said one of Ouya’s main value is to empower the developer, so the demo requirement will be dropped soon enough.