Next King of Fighters Game Might be a Rhythm Game, SNK Playmore Files Trademark

We all know people have been waiting for The King of Fighter 14, but what if SNK Playmore is up to something out of the box? I say so because we have picked up word that the developer has registered a trademark for something called The Rhythm of Fighters.

According to Kotaku, the Osaka Japan based publisher /developer filed for a trademark yesterday under the ‘game software for computer etc. category.’ Now that could only be one thing; the next King of Fighters game. However, the name suggests a deviation from the usual fighting genre towards something quite unexpected.

There is no doubt in the fact that the King of Fighters series has great music and quite a lot of the series fan dote the sound of the game equally, but don’t you think making a rhythm music based game on it would go a little too far?

Well, who knows some of you might want to jam with Arashi no Saxophone or some other track from the game. Or you might want to see either one of Terry, King Leona or Athena jamming.

On the other hand, this could be an attempt to fund for the King of Fighters 14, in which case, most of us would be glad to give The Rhythm of Fighters a try.

Let’s just hope that the next King of Fighters game does justice to the expectations of the series fans. Lastly, we shall keep you informed as more information surfaces, so keep checking back for more.