Hotline Miami Cross Buy for PS4 Announced, PS3 Owners Get it Free

It was already expected that Developer Digital would bring their classic 2D top down action title, Hotline Miami for PlayStation 4. However, the publisher announced during a Game Developer Conference interview that the game will come with a cross buy option for the PlayStation 4.

One of the key personnel at Developer Digital, Nigel Lowrie was talking to someone from Destructoid when he was asked about their plans regarding the Jacket on Biker shoot ’em up game and the next game in the series i.e. Hotline Miami 2.

He said that everyone who previously bought the game for PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita should now be able to play it on PlayStation 4, for free. Although he said that making the game cross buy with the PC version was not in their plans, everyone will be able to enjoy the cross buy feature on the PlayStation platform:

We’re going to bring Hotline Miami 1 to PS4… and we’re going to keep it Cross-buy because we feel that if the user has already bought it for a PlayStation platform, they have the right to own it on Vita, on PS4, on PS3. It’s different on PlayStation to PC because they’re totally different environments.

Along with this, Hotline Miami 2 is being developed by Dennaton Games too and will be released somewhere in the third quarter to Windows, OS, Linux, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

How many of you will be the murderer again in Hotline Miami for PlayStation 4?