Free to Play: The Movie Has Been Watched Over 5.5 Million Times

Valve’s documentary about its popular multiplayer online battle-arena title, Free to Play: The Movie, was released last Wednesday and since then has been watched over by 5.5 million people.

Valve claims that the movie, which was made available on both Steam and YouTube, is one of the most-watched documentaries ever on an opening weekend. On that note it has to be said that other documentaries, like the popular Fahrenheit 9/11, were released in theaters only and were charged for admittance. Free to Play: The Movie on the other hand, much like the game, was free to watch.

Valve’s documentary follows three professional Dota 2 players as they juggle their personal lives with their gaming ones, and in turn dominate the competitive gaming scene. The personal stories of players, who each speak different languages and live in separate continents, are both emotional and inspirational.

“The film takes viewers around the globe as we get to know the players, their families, and their loved ones as they prepare to play for the first $1 million prize ever awarded in pro gaming,” explains Valve.

You can watch the entire movie above.