Everquest Next: Landmark Closed Beta Begins this Wednesday

The alpha of Everquest Next: Landmark has come to an end but that is not the end for the developers. Now Sony Online Entertainment is going to start the Closed Beta of the title in just two days on Wednesday.

According to the Forum on the game’s official website, almost all of the data will be deleted from the servers before it begins the closed beta.

Only things that will not be deleted are character names, any type of the purchases from marketplace or the Founders Pack and the saved templates.

Any of you unfamiliar with Everquest Next: Landmark must know that it is a tool for creating your own world in the Everquest Next game. This gives the players a choice to create whatever they want and then dive into the gameplay and play around their creation.

Moreover, Player Studio will be added to the closed beta that will allow the players to buy and sell the content created in the game.

It is a very exciting prospect by SOE and this kind of sandbox experience in the MMO’s may push the boundaries of the traditional games in genre.

If you are excited about the Everquest Next: Landmark, you can register for the closed beta on Everquest Next official website.

What do you think of this new idea of creating content of your game and then play with whatever you have created? Will SOE succeed in this? Let us know by commenting below!