Dragon Age: Inquisition New Screenshots Show Players Taking on Huge Dragon and Trolls

BioWare is showing off the luring visuals that Frostbite 3 is producing in the Dragon Age: Inquisition world. Ten new screenshots have surfaced online. What’s more exciting is the action that the screenshots are portraying; you see the party taking on a humongous dragon and you get to see the new look at one of the trolls.

The images that appeared on All Games Beta, also show off the enticing surroundings. There is a picture that shows the players walking through what looks like the entrance of an ancient building and then there are images that show combat sequences out in the lush green wilderness.

Among the characters of the game, the screenshots show Varric with his crossbow as well as a mage. Of course there are other creatures too, but the one that apparently shows an encounter with a dragon caught my eye the most.

Do keep in mind that the screenshots have not come out through any of the official channels of the developer or the publisher. We are still awaiting word from either EA or BioWare so that the images can be endorsed.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be swooping in on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PC hopefully by the third quarter this year. We still don’t have an official release date though.

What do you think of the dragon that stands tall in the first image? Or the menacing one in the last of the Dragon Age: Inquisition new screenshots?