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Disney To Acquire Maker Studios House Of PewDiePie Fame

In a move to grab onto the internet hype, Disney is set to take over Maker Studios for $500 million. It should be made final by Disney’s third fiscal quarter.

If Maker Studios doesn’t ring a bell, then perhaps one of its subsidiaries, Polaris, will be a more popular choice. It’s one of the largest companies on Youtube at the moment and houses many currently trendy content creators.

The biggest fish in Maker Studios’ pond is Felix Kjellberg, commonly known for their Youtube name, PewDiePie. With this contact alone, the company holds the single most-subscribed channel on Youtube, with over 25 million people on the tally.

Their totals are even more impressive. Under the Maker Studios banner, there are around 55,000 channels that bring in about 380 million subscribers. Every month, that comes up to 5.5 billion views, which generate ad revenue.

Disney could potentially be paying up to $950 million for the takeover of the company, depending on what performance milestones are met over time. That would be quite the sum for a house founded in 2009 to promote internet videos.

Other notable names under Maker Studios and Polaris include Angry Joe, Smooth McGroove, Markiplier, Jim Sterling and the popular Game Grumps channel with animator Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson.

Source: Reuters