Deception 4: Blood Ties’ New Video Details Traps Strategies

Tecmo Koei, the developer behind Deception 4: Blood Ties has released a new video of the game which provides details on how to set up traps in the game.

The game follows the protagonist Laegrinna who is caged in Devil’s Soul and she fights all the enemies with the help of traps. The traps include rolling boulders, spiked walls, spring boards, human cannons, iron maidens, banana peels and falling bathtubs.

Setting the traps strategically is the key to the game but be careful not to activate the traps early or too late, the timing has to be perfect.

Tecmo describes the Deception 4: Blood Ties as:

In this imaginative follow up to the classic Tecmo title ¡Tecmo’s Deception’, first released in 1996 on the PlayStation, players get a taste of what it’s like to play on the side of evil.

Much like its predecessors, Deception IV: Blood Ties is a strategy-focused action game revolving around a deceitful main character known as the Devil’s daughter who, assisted by three Demons, defeats her foes through trickery.

Check out the trailer above and get ready to place the traps because the game is coming out tomorrow for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

What do you think of the different traps of Deception 4: Blood Ties? Are you going to get the game tomorrow?