Creepy Black and White Game Betrayer Releases On Steam

After a stint through Steam Early Access, PC game Betrayer has reached its full release status and is available now for $19.99 or its equivalent. It was made by the original Monolith Production developers behind the F.E.A.R. series.

If you’re aware of that franchise, it won’t be hard to imagine that Betrayer is a first-person title with some shooting elements in it. It also has an eerie vibe to it, but neither are presented in the same way as their action-oriented past.

In Betrayer, players are dropped on a mysterious island in the year 1604. Not much else is known when you first dive in and that leaves most of the experience open to interpretation.

There’s also a distinctly different visual style to the game. It’s presented in heavily contrasted black and white, for that extra creepy atmosphere.

It has, since its original form, added a color slider though, in case you’re not feeling it. We really advise sticking to the messed up colorless version for extra frights though.

You’re essentially on that island to uncover whatever mystical things are going on. During your roaming about, you’ll encounter ghosts, weird poles and more.

All of the game is encased in silence, only offset by a chilling wind blowing past. It really beats in the feeling of being alone and trapped.

Enemies are also pretty powerful in the game. Therefore, you can choose to either attack them from a distance or try and sneak around them.

Betrayer originally landed on Early Access in August of 2013. Its open adventure is only doable in singleplayer.