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League of Legends Pairs Up With Game of Thrones For Promotional Campaign

Two major brands – League of Legends and Game of Thrones, are pairing up for a campaign that will see to the promotion of both franchises.

Riot Games and HBO have agreed to a three-week campaign which will run up to the premiere of the fourth season of Game of Thrones on April 6. Throughout these weeks brand logos and trailers will be exchanged. Riot Games is already showcasing an

#038;list=UUvqRdlKsE5Q8mf8YXbdIJLw&t=5m30s" target="_blank">exclusive preview to the season during their ongoing LCS series.

“We got a cold call from HBO because they thought that there was going to be a great overlap between our players and their demographic of people that watch Game of Thrones and this was a good way to explore reaching that demographic through new media,” said Vice president of eSports and merchandising at Riot Games Dustin Beck.

Beck was quick to clarify their focused strategy on advertising. Taking the example of a NASCAR he said “There’s not going to be the kind of sponsor overload you get when you look at NASCAR for example. You see a car that’s littered with various sponsor bugs and it’s very hard to focus in on what logo you’re looking at.”

Other big companies that advertise with League of Legends include American Express and Coca-Cola, both of which sponsor the game’s Challenger Series.

Beck also revealed that they are currently working on a mash up trailer for the campaign but did not give away any more hints.

Players are hoping that this campaign also leads to Riot Games releasing some Game of Thrones inspired skins. I personally would love to have a new ‘House of’ banner instead.

Source AListDaily