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GTA 5 Aliens Mystery: Find Clues, UFOs, Cryptic Painting and Flying Saucers

In the world of GTA 5, mysterious things have been happening for the past few months some of which might have possible ties to Alien Invasion.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor have confirmed seeing Aliens, UFOs, and Flying Saucers.

GTA 5 Aliens

After meeting with the Omega in the desert, you will be provided with a task of gathering Spaceship Parts with which you will unlock Space Docker.

Since Rockstar has failed to provide players with the answers, troubled players have looked for clues to explain the glyphs scattered in San Andreas.

Whether we will receive any information in upcoming DLCs or not is unknown. The clues that the players have gathered do not yield any answers.

Below, you will find a complete list of some signs that have been discovered in San Andreas.

Cable Car Station
At the very top of Mt. Chiliad, you will come across a cryptic painting on a wall of the Cable Car Station. If you look at map of the game, you will see that this cryptic painting has striking similarity to it; possibly hinting at an underground dungeon.

In this cryptic painting, you will find several small encrypted symbols like a Cracked Egg, a Spaceship, and a Human which are still a mystery.

Cable Car

Mt. Chiliad
Head over to the highest point of the Mt. Chiliad and, you will come across another painting below a wooden platform. This is the very same place where players have spotted a Flying Saucer after ending the game (at late night).


Aligning the Map over the Cryptic Painting
A number of players suggest that aligning the Cryptic Painting over the Map can reveal significant locations. Check out the image below for more details!


Alternative Theory
Another theory put forth by a number of players suggests that the eye in the Cryptic Painting should be placed at top of the mountain. Check the image for more information!


Elevator in Fort Zancudo
After the Content Creator, players have discovered a sealed door in Fort Zancudo which can be opened to reveal an elevator.

This elevator is said to provide access to possible dungeon below Mt. Chiliad. However, as of now, the elevator cannot be operated.

Alien Flying Saucers
Once you have attained 100% game completion, you can head over to Mt. Chiliad at 03:00 HRS (especially during rain and thunderstorm) and spot the Alien Flying Saucers.

As of now, there have been 4 Alien Flying Saucers spotted.

Dungeon below Mt. Chiliad
Some players have also reported certain glitches which provide access to the inner of mountains. The accessible tunnels are:

  • The Road Tunnel joining Paleto Bay to the Alamo Sea
  • The Rail Tunnel joining Paleto Bay to the Alamo Sea
  • The Road Tunnel that passes under the runways at Fort Zancudo

Further investigations are being carried on by the players and more will be revealed soon.

Alien Clues in Sandy Shores
The UFO Hippie Camp near the Sandy Shores is swarming with possible alien script. Some players believe that you need to decrypt it first in order to understand it.

Check out the images below to know see the possible clues:

Other Minor Clues
During the Prologue, before the crash, you can head down the bridge and see a frozen alien.

Other than this, Michael and Trevor see aliens during hallucinations. And lastly, you will also come across an alien outside the theater.

Check out all the hints above and tell us what you make up of them!

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