World of Tanks User Profiles and Hall of Fame Updated

World of Tanks is home to millions of players from all around the globe. Precisely for that reason, it is important that there is ease of access with which the players can keep track of their own performance and the other players around them who have made a mark. Two of the main sources for this are the User Profiles and the Hall of Fame. Both of the statistical tables have been updated by

Here’s how the official website of the game has announced the changes that they have made:

Tankers! In one of our recent Portal updates, we have improved two existing features to give you a better user experience when you stay logged in. Read on to find out more about the new additions to your User Profile as well as the Hall of Fame, and where you can access them.

First off, the User Profiles now has a Personal Rating counter. You will find it perched atop the Ratings table. It offers you the usual timeframes as well so that you can analyze the performances over different periods like 4 weeks, 1 week, 1 day and over all.

Moreover, there will be a table available to you that will take into account all the vehicles you have driven in a battle. The table will give you detailed stats for individual tanks along with the number of battles in which you have used them, a percentage of victories among the battles with each tank and mastery badges for each tank.

Lastly, the Hall of Fame table will now have a new category that will show the same Personal Rating (discussed above). The figure of Personal Rating aka PR will be shown alongside the figures for GPL, FRG and DMG.

How do you like the newly implemented changes to World of Tanks portal?