World of Tanks Details Graphics Overhaul In Dev Diary

Free-to-play game World of Tanks will be overhauling its graphics, as shown in a recent developer diary. They must’ve caught wind of the Armored Warfare announcement by Obsidian Entertainment trying to upstage them.

In the clip, developers of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) title discuss the reasoning behind the update. It’s noted that older models in World of Tanks would vary from 8000 polygons to around 18,000.

In the planned reiteration, however, this would grow to a staggering 50,000 to 100,000 polygons for more complex models. They’ll do this by altering their mapping system.

With the new technology, they create a nearly perfect build that contains millions of polygons. Then, they optimize it to reduce the processing power considerably.

Textures will also be dealt with differently. Through the use of a 3D scanner, the developer artists are able to map more realistic visuals from real tanks.

Textures could now even include bumps and the likes. Different regions will have their own unique look through this method.

To achieve even more realism in World of Tanks, the developer explains their research method, which is quite extensive. For instance, they talked with historians to understand where crew members would move, to recreate where textures could be scuffed from movement.

Environments will use this texture technology as well. Buildings, terrain and more will be receiving the same care as other elements.

There’s also an elaboration on how effects will be implemented. Flames will curl around certain parts of tanks, for example.

This process takes a few steps to complete. It has to be approved through a range of people before being put into the game. Admittedly, the developer wasn’t able to put everything they wanted in World of Tanks just yet.

Other things to add to the realism during rounds are wind and weather, which includes reactions to shell explosions as well. Weather during battles could change dynamically, altering the vision range.