Robotoki’s ‘Human Element’ Will be Powered by CryEngine – Ouya Version Dropped

The Indie developer Robotoki announced that their upcoming title Human Element will be powered by Crytek’s CryEngine.

In 2012, Human Element was officially announced by the studio as an episodic series for the Ouya, mobiles, next-gen consoles and PC. But it looks like that they have changed their mind about Ouya version of the game.

Robert bowling on his twitter said that Human Element was cancelled for the Ouya to shift the focus on the next-gen open world version which is now being built on the CryEngine.

Human Element will take place after 35 years of zombie apocalypse where players attempt to rebuild the organization from the start.

In a press release today Bowling said:

The ambitious narrative and gameplay of Human Element required an innovative set of features in order to achieve our vision.

CryEngine is the perfect fit for us because it delivers so many powerful features straight out of the box such as the physical-based shading system and the infinite terrain from segmented worlds to create a massive open-world experience but still allow the visual fidelity and detail our players expect from a first-person experience from our team.

At GDC 2014, Crytek did confirm that they will be providing the CryEngine license to all the Indie developers for $9.90 per month.

In an email to Polygon, Bowling confirmed that Human Element will be releasing for PC in November next year but PS4, Xbox One and mobile devices version has no clear release date yet.

Source: Cry Engine