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PayPal Holds Game Sale – G2A Inclusion Arouses Suspicion

Online payment application PayPal is growing closer to the gaming crowd and doing so by launching a game-related sale of its own. From now until May 15, 2014 it will offer a series of deals every week, where users can save up by using their service.

Not all of the things in the first batch of sales are equally important, but it can be interesting for some. Its most simplest offer is the indie game Race the Sun, which is 40% off and that includes its soundtrack. It recently announced it would also be transitioning to Playstation consoles.

Another deal is for the free-to-play title World of Tanks, which has three premium packs discounted. Premium accounts range from three days to thirty days and the prices vary between €10, €19.9 and €38.1.

Finally, you can also save 10% off G2A gift cards, which can be put to use to buy some of their pretty ridiculously cheap Steam games. For instance, it has the upcoming PC release of Dark Souls II up for €22.99. For comparison, the Steam version costs €49.99.

On G2A, you can also find Titanfall for €35.99 and the latest Thief for €17.99. Word of caution, however, as G2A could be dealing with suspicious keys, allegedly.

Major site Reddit has taken to the promotion of this sale harshly, as noticeable in this thread. A representative for Paypal was banned for posting it up and the inclusion of G2A is noted as being shady, which explains why this deal sells credits and not the games itself.

Please note that this is speculation on being cautious and not a concretely stated fact. Just follow the rule that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. Use your best judgement and proceed with any eventual purchase as you see fit.

Other sales through the PayPal site offer discounts for Imperia Online, Worms Clan Wars or on iTunes gift cards.

Part of the reason why PayPal and Wargaming are bonding could be explained by their recent sponsorship of the League Grand Finals.