Dota 2 Treasure Chests Will Not Have Duplicate Items Anymore

One of the most annoying features in many games is the repetitive items that you receive once you already have them. All the quests and exploration just goes to waste when that happens and can be extremely demotivating and frustrating for the players.

Now Valve has taken notice of this in Dota 2 and they are going to introduce few changes that will let you receive a different item every time you open a treasure and they are also making an addition that gives you the bonus rewards upon collecting these treasures.

Valve Wrote:

Each time you unlock a treasure you will also have a chance to obtain bonus rewards. Bonus rewards are granted in addition to an item found inside a treasure, and some treasures feature multiple bonuses. This means you could gain two or more items each time you open a treasure!

Moreover, if you have gained all the items from one treasure then you’ll be given an option to reset the treasure so that they can be earned again.

It is a great addition to Dota 2 as it will ensure that every time you will get a new item but there is one downside to it – All the duplicate items were being sold on the Dota 2 marketplace, now that is quite unlikely to happen.

All of the treasure of the game (past, present & future) will now have no duplicate items and also some bonus items.

What do you make of these changes in Dota 2 Treasures? Let us know in your comments!

Source: DOTA 2