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Destiny Character Customization and Tools Discussed at GDC 2014 by Bungie

As scheduled, Bungie undertook a talk named Building Customizable Characters for Destiny at the GDC 2014 yesterday.

During the talk session, Bungie detailed how they were adding more to Destiny character customization in terms of skins, armor, weapons and other items.

With the increasing complexity and fidelity of character content, player customization is an ever-present challenge facing many game developers. Destiny’s player customization system is highly ambitious and unlike anything seen in a first-person shooter thus far.

They also outlined the processes and tools that they have used for Destiny character customization. The system they have used was described as something that ‘makes the most out of the art created, allows for continued growth and expandability over the lifetime of the franchise, and gives artists the ability to make strong visual impacts quickly and easily.’

Bungie’s technical art lead Scott Shepherd explained how they had divided the character’s body into four ‘slots’ being head, chest, arms and legs.

Each of these slots will be customizable independently at the start of the game and with items as you go on playing the game.

The three classes i.e. Warlock, Hunter and Titan were detailed as well. Hunters will look like scavengers that wear torn clothes and gear like gas masks and hazmat suits.

Warlocks on the other hand will be the warrior-scholars with cloaks that hide the items that they carry. Lastly, the Titans will be heavily armored medieval looking warriors.

An internal tool used for Destiny character customization called Mash Up was also showcased. The program is used to randomly mix up different items from a cluster to form different iterations of a specific item.

How many of you are ready for September 9 when Destiny releases to PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360?