Watch Dogs on Playstation 4, A Perfect Match!

If the reports of an industry insider, Shinobi602, are believed to be true, expect Watch Dogs to run at 900p on Xbox One and 1080p on Playstation 4.

Following these rumors, people from all over the industry has tried reaching out to Ubisoft to comment on the matter but, to no avail. However, a recent interview conducted by Playstation Blog suggests that Watch Dogs and Playstation 4 make the perfect combination.

According to game’s Creative Director, Jonathan Morin, making Watch Dogs on Playstation 4 was truly a fascinating experience and both made a great match.

Sony understood what we were doing with the game. We were a really great match.

Speaking about the visual fidelity of the game, Ubisoft seemed pretty impressed by the hardware capabilities of the Playstation 4.

In terms of water effects, pedestrians, lightning quality, and animation; it is a huge leap forward. This thing certainly holds true when we try and compare the game to the last-gen versions.

Admiring the hardware power under the hood of Playstation 4, Animation Director, Colin Graham stated:

PS4 allowed things like reduced animation compression and more variety in civilians. From my point of view it’s a bit like working with an unlimited budget because we can’t fill the memory budget on PS4.

While we are on the point of evolution of technology, Ubisoft has very ingeniously integrated the Touch Pad of Dualshock 4 into the game. With a simple tap on the Touch Pad, you can bring out the map of Chicago and navigate through it.

Although I’m not in for these fancy little things but, these minor things will certainly improve the gameplay experience for many people.

With different stories emerging, the Share Button will allow users to share their stories and show how their characters played-off with one another.

I love the SHARE button. I’ve always said that the next generation of gaming would be defined by the players’ behaviour. It’s no longer about graphics, it’s about the social media phenomenon. The SHARE button’s presence helps create a certainty that PS4 players would be receptive to our ideas in Watch Dogs.

With so much hype created for the Playstation variants, I’m more excited to see how the Xbox One version has to offer!

Watch Dogs is slated to launch on May 27, 2014 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC.