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Titanfall Angel City Map Tips and Strategy Guide

An abandoned city and a reminder of the IMC’s dictator-like authority, Angel City was divided into many small districts, bordered from one another by massive walls with regulated trafficking.

With many large buildings with nothing to offer now but vantage points and height advantage for Pilots, this portion of Angel City has turned into an active battle zone between the Militia and the IMC.

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Titanfall Angel City Map Tips

The center of the city is made of a large Courtyard, which is neighbored by four buildings, each on one side. To the east lies the Market in the form of a hexagonal building, which is also the region where most of the fighting occurs.

To the west of the Courtyard is the Kodai building, which offers multiple stories for any sniper wishing to patrol the courtyard and further west regions.

To the north of the Courtyard you’ll find the Red Star restaurant, with a tower-like star bearing structure that allows one to overlook the northern part of the map. To the south is the UP Mart, which gives a good view of the southwestern Angel Apartments and the eastern walkways.

The western part of the map is mainly composed of a barren fields (Backyard) with a few trees and little cover, neighbored by a walled building. To the northeast of the Red Star Restaurant lies the Storage Facility, another essential indoor region.

As you would probably make out, the best bet in this map is to stay on the buildings at all times (except for maybe Titans).

Pilots on the ground are easy pickings for snipers who get into position quickly, especially on the building surrounding the Courtyard, as they are strategically the most important locations in the map.

These four buildings and the Courtyard itself play a major factor on your team’s dominance in the map.

In Attrition, the IMC will start off near the Storage facility while the Militia begin near the Apartments. The Militia should look to immediately secure the Apartments and utilize the minion kills that can be scored there.

The IMC has the option of either going straight to the four buildings of the Courtyard area or spreading out across the map, taking control of the Backyard region and eastern walkways. Since staying on ground is not a favorable option, it is best to utilize the closest buildings you can find as the IMC to gain good height advantage.

Though the buildings around the Courtyard are the best vantage points, they provide little to no cover at all. These building rooftops shouldn’t be used as overlooking regions for snipers, but you’d want to regularly move about them, always staying mobile as you can be spotted from afar.

The Market on the other hand can be an exception, as it is the largest individual building in the map. You can utilize the large roof area and even shoot down at Titans from here with hit-and-run kind of tactics that work effectively. It also allows you to spot anyone on the UP Mart building or on top of the Restaurant.

The expected density of fighting will most likely occur in the Market, so make sure you have a few shotgun and smg carrying friendlies patrolling the building. Same can be said for anyone planning to assault the building as well.

Capture the Flag
In Capture the Flag, the IMC start off near the Apartments while the Militia near the Storage Facility. The flags are fairly nearby, so neither of the two factions have to do much work.

The best thing for the IMC is to secure the Apartments, UP Mart, and Kodai building to create a solid defensive setup for your flag. One player should act as a close-quarter defender while another one as an anchor, overlooking the courtyard and neighboring buildings for both defense and offensive support.

The Militia flag can be guarded by keeping a player near the Storage facility, while a couple at least occupy the Red Star Restaurant.

The restaurant’s tall structure provides good vantage point, but you can become easy pickings (especially for Titans) because of the exposure. Use the different levels of the restaurant as a means to remain unpredictable.

As the flag carrier, you would want to remain out of the Courtyard. Practically it’s nearly impossible to carry out a flag delivery without crossing the courtyard, so make sure you utilize your jumping skills and Extra Parkour kit to make your stay in the courtyard as short as possible.

It is possible to use the long route of the Backyard to go about, but you’ll almost always end up facing enemy Pilots that chase you into it, making others to defend you a very difficult task.

Generally, the IMC tends to have a bigger advantage as it can occupy three different buildings in a short time for setting up a healthy defense. The Market is much more difficult to occupy because of its large structure as a part of the Militia, but if you manage to you can really make an easy route through the Market and face ample protection from its structure and supportive friendlies.

Hardpoint Domination
The Hardpoints in the Angel City map are located in the Storage facility (C), Apartments (A), and the Market (B). The IMC start off near the Market, while the Militia near the Storage facility. This means that both the factions can easily set up control of the respective hardpoints, and it’s all to fight for at the Market.

The Militia tend to have a much bigger advantage in Domination than the IMC, as it is possible to defend the C with Titans. These Titans can then move towards the Market (closer to the Storage facility) and control it.

You can also then have a few snipers on the roof the Market overlooking the approach of the IMC.

Flank options exist for both the Militia and the IMC – either one can utilize the Backyard to flank the other and gain control of A or C. Gaining control of C is much harder because of the long crates that act as excellent defensive spots, and also because it is fairly easy for Titans to defend the Storage facility premises.

However, hardpoint A is no cakewalk either – the narrow streets are deathtraps for any Titan that strolls into them. If you plan to do so, make sure you have a Pilot overlooking from a nearby building or you’re accompanied by another Titan.

Last Titan Standing
Last Titan Standing in the Angel City map is very fun, as the buildings that were otherwise very essential only end up acting as walls of a labyrinth that is formed by the narrow streets.

The most open environment to initiate battles in this case is the Backyard, but it is also the most susceptible if you wish to walk into it.

The Militia start at the northernmost part of the map, while the IMC are deployed at the extreme southeast part of the map.

Your team should balance the weapon and mobility in this map. The 40mm Cannon works brilliant for close-quarters Titan combat, while the precision shooters can utilize the Plasma Railgun to shoot from afar – it’s hard to miss in the streets if you manage to spot an enemy Titan.

This is also one of the best maps to deploy some Auto-Titans.

As a Pilot you can stay on one of the buildings (and in this mode most players won’t care to look at buildings) and deploy an Auto-Titan on the ground to fight an enemy Titan. This way you can take out your own Anti-Titan weapon and pair with your Auto-Titan do deal lots of damage.

If you can pull it off (and it’s very tempting but dangerous), rodeo attacks are high risk but high reward maneuvers in this map.

Pilot Hunter
The Militia in this mode get deployed behind the Storage facility while the IMC are deployed near the Apartments. This, much like Attrition, is all about staying on higher ground.

Being on the ground, especially in the courtyard and the walkways is absolute suicide, so try to maintain higher ground at all costs. You should however try to take out minions if required on the ground, as doing so from building rooftops will easily give away your position.

Utilize the multi-storied buildings like the Market and the UP Mart, using their windows to shoot so that you can have good cover. Rooftops are risky in Pilot Hunter, because once you’ve been spotted you’re almost certain to be targeted.

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