Titanfall Airbase Map Tips and Strategy Guide

The Airbase map is an IMC station Sierra is one of the largest of the Frontier, and Leviathans stroll in the regions.

That’s why it has its own large Wildlife Control Tower, and the fortified base with modern-looking walls and sophisticated architecture makes it a haven for fast-paced combat.

Let’s have a look at what this map has to offer for various game modes. But first, the overview and structure of the map.

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Titanfall Airbase Map Tips

The Airbase map is friendly to those who have adopted the habit of jumping around and utilizing the agility granted by Titanfall mechanics. This map can be divided into eight different areas, of which the Hangar is the place with the most action on average.

The center of the map is occupied by three large circle buildings. These buildings are circular hangars, with the northern one having a stealth bomber on the roof.

To the south of these buildings is the Air Traffic Control tower, which has multiple stories and is a good vantage point of snipers to look towards the east and west.

The northeastern part of the hangers also has a large Ramp with a truck parked at the base. This is another useful area to gain higher ground.

To the northwest of the hangars, attached to them is the Fuel Building. This building has a useful vantage point at the top, again optimum for long-ranged players.

The northwestern part of the map has a Landing Pad, which is a fairly open area and can also become a point of focus in the map, as it neighbors the main Hangar.

The Hangar itself is a massive open building with a few places to provide cover, and is one location that will be almost always populated irrespective of the game mode.

East of the main Hangar is the Wildlife Control Tower – a large tower with room sin the base and also on higher elevation to allow you to scan a part of the central and northernmost regions of the map.

Last but not least is the Turret Control located south of the Landing Pad (west of the Circular Hangars). Again, this area provides you with good elevation and plenty of wall-running options for some quick maneuvering and long ranged attacks.

Attrition Mode
For the Attrition Mode, the IMC Deployment will be on the western part of the map, just south of the Landing Pads, while the Militia are deployed near the Wildlife Control Tower.

The minions of both teams will lead you to the main Hangar, which will result in a massive firefight.

Have your Ordnance grenades ready at this time, and throw them towards the opposite end of the Hangar to ear some minion/Pilot attrition points. Make sure to utilize high ground at the start of the map, such as the crates and the northern areas of the Hangar.

A great little thing you can do is try to activate the turret south of the Landing Pads as quickly as possible. Be careful though, as this can easily lead up to a dense battle at the region, since the enemy team might be attempting the same.

Whoever gains control of the turret will have a big advantage, since the Landing Pad can actually be used by Titans as a means to perform hit-and-run kind of tactics within the Hangar. Also, minions tend to sway towards the Land Pad easily, allowing Titans to charge up their Core Ability.

When it actually does come to Titans, it’s not recommended to enter and stay in the Hangar unless you have an absolutely commanding position or heavy support.

Capture the Flag
Capture the Flag has similar deployment areas to those of Attrition – the IMC start just south of the turret, while the Militia near the Wildlife Control Towers.

Each of the flag is placed with structures that encourages close quarters combat, but the central regions, particularly the Ramp area provide excellent vantage points for snipers to overlook the flag regions and protect flag carriers.

The best way to defend the flag is to throw in some Arc Mines around the region, with at least one player guarding the area. The top of the Fuel Hub is a great place to defend the flag near the turret control. The fuel hub itself provides a good opportunity to players with the Enhanced Parkour kit, which should let them wall run across the buildings to the opposite flag easily.

On the other hand, the Wildlife Control Tower flag is very easy to defend if you can position a skilled sniper on the roof of the Ramp. This should allow you to spot incoming invaders. This can actually work in the opposite way as well – try to get on top of the Ramp if you are the one trying to take the Control Tower flag to assist your members.

Enemies will be too busy recovering the flag, making them easy targets without attracting too much attention. When defending the Wildlife Control Tower, keep your eye on the Ramp and the Hangar, as these are the two main places enemies can assault from.

Hardpoint Domination
The domination points in the Airbase are in the turret controls (A), just outside to the south of the main Hangar (B), and near the Air Traffic Control Tower (C).

The most difficult of the three to actually hold on to is A, which is easily accessible from both B and C. Thus, the best chances of progressing is to actually hold the B and C hardpoints.

Controlling hardpoint A is easy once you get to it, but you’ll be fairly restricted to the region, as it only offers close-quarter combat type of defense. Thus, players with SMGs or shotguns can opt to defend the area while others attempt to assault the other points.

Hardpoint B is dominated by whichever team has Titans available more frequently. You can easily cover B by positioning your Titan on top of the Circular Hangars in the center of the map. You can also actually defend the pathways to hardpoint C as well if you do this.

Last Titan Standing
With a Titan-only battle, the IMC will be deployed near the northwest Landing Pad while the Militia are deployed south of the Wildlife Control Tower.

Titan battles will start immediately, and instead of the main Hangar being the central area of concentrated battle, you can expect more action in and on the Circular Hangars and the Ramp.

The Ramp is an excellent vantage point for Titans to look over and scan the neighboring regions, and if you plan to utilize it make sure that you have at least one Titan with you to protect your back.

Whether you’re the Militia or the IMC, you would want to gain control of the main Hangar, as this can be very effective to getting near the deployment regions of the other.

Gaining control of the main Hangar will grant you quick transition paths from one end of the map to the other without exposing yourself too much.

On the other hand, you can also gain superiority if you equip a Titan with Chaingun or 40mm Cannon and patrol the Circular Towers. You can also use Plasma Railguns if you find yourself being comfortable with staying near the Ramp, and have good accuracy.

Pilot Hunter
In Pilot Hunter, the IMC are deployed near the Landing Pad while the Militia spawn near the Wildlife Control Tower. In Pilot Hunter mode for this map, the players that can manage to get to a good height will excel.

There are many options to look towards to achieve this purpose, of which the more obvious are the Ramp and top of the Hangar.

The Ramp is an absolute haven for snipers, and enemies will rarely look at that place. If you’re holding a long-ranged weapon, head to the ramp quickly to take out a few enemies, and then move about the location so you don’t become too predictable (in other words: get accused of camping).

Another excellent place is the Fuel Hub, which provides you with good cover and gives a massive overview of the Circular Hangars and Ramp. If enemies have managed to climb on the Ramp, this is a great area for snipers to take them out.

Make sure you have someone patrolling the area to spot anyone trying to jump up to you while you scan the entire region.

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