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Signal Studios Purchases Toy Soldiers Rights From Microsoft

Signal Studios has acquired the rights to the Toy Soldiers franchise from Microsoft. Thus giving them complete control over what platforms to release their installments on.

The first thing the studio did after its acquisition was to launch Toy Soldiers: Complete on PC. The title is currently available on Steam in early access for $9.99 and bundles together Toy Soldiers, Toy Soldier: Cold War, and the accompanying DLC released that includes Kaiser’s Battle, Invasion, Napalm, and Evil Empire.

Toy Soldiers: Complete also adds weapons and content from the second game into the first; as well as allowing Toy Soldiers and Cold War players to compete in multiplayer.

In a press release today, Signal Studios’ president and creative director DR Albright III said that they were “very eager to start development on the future of the Toy Soldiers franchise.” This probably means new installments being planned and if the studio starts now, they can release their next title by early 2016.

Source Signal Studios