See PlayStation Eye Tracking in Infamous: Second Son Gameplay Video

In November last year, Sony had showcased their PlayStation eye tracking prototype, back then it was in the experimental stage but now things are different.

A new Infamous: Second Son gameplay video has been released where the protagonist is being controlled with the player’s eyes – for real.

The video, released by Verge, shows the game at play on Sony’s booth during the Game Developers Conference 2014 where they had put up a demo of PlayStation eye tracking technology.

Before you dig into the game, the gaze tracking device asks you to help calibrate the setting. You stay 60 centimeters away from the screen and follow the two dots (representing your eyes) on the screen.

Once you are done with that, you jump right into the game and getting to see your surroundings gets as easy as tilting your eyes towards the side where you want to look.

On the screen the new Infamous: Second Son gameplay video shows Delsin Rowe turning his head around every time the player looks to a side on the screen – the camera follows.

Interestingly, the demo shows how it gets easier for the player to aim and fire something even when you are moving. People who have been in games like these would know how sometimes it gets tough to aim while you are running; PlayStation eye tracking makes that part of your life easy.

Infamous: Second Son video even shows a combat situation where the character is running away from the enemy but the PlayStation eye tracking technology makes it possible for him to aim and shoot at the enemy like its piece of cake.