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Respawn Doesn’t Care How Titanfall Affects Call of Duty Franchise

The Microsoft exclusive, Titanfall has been launched to an impressive reception. As expected, it has been pretty successful in surging up the sales for Xbox One. However, with all that, Respawn Entertainment isn’t really paying attention to how impactful the game has been on its competitors.

To be exact, the developer doesn’t look at Activision’s Call of Duty series and its success, or failure in comparison to Titanfall, as the measure of their own game’s success.

Ebbie Heppe, the community manager for Respawn Entertainment was asked during an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine about the view that people at Respawn had about Titanfall being labeled as a ‘Call of Duty Killer.’

The reply was pretty much straight forward. They have no secret agenda against Call of Duty:

We don’t pay any attention to it, honestly. Well, that’s not fair – we work in the video game industry, we’re not blind. But we don’t really – we’re just doing our own thing. People just want to focus on Titanfall, we don’t want to make someone else’s game.

It’ll be interesting to see what influence Titanfall has on shooters, and if it makes any lasting contributions to the genre, I think that’s really cool, but we don’t do anything like – it’s not like keeping up with the Joneses!

Obviously, the Call of Duty games have a standing of their own in the market; they have their own fan following and their own aura of a first person shooter. Respawn’s FPS, on the other hand is huge, new and all the hype.

Which one of the two i.e. Titanfall or Call of Duty would you pick if you had to stick to one first person shooter game for your Xbox One?