PlayStation 4 Update 1.7 Might Come in April with DualShock 4 Light Dimming & More

Sony is gearing up to release a massive firmware update to PlayStation 4 and we have gradually started to receive information about the expected features that it will bring to the console. It was recently revealed that PlayStation update 1.7 will allow users to dim the DualShock 4 light.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida was interviewed recently when he revealed the light dimming feature.

Other than this, people asked Sucker Punch Productions over Twitter whether they would provide a pre-loading option for Infamous: Second Son on PlayStation 4. To this, they responded by saying that the PlayStation 4 will get pre-loading option by April.

They further tweeted that they were sure that SCE America will get the pre-loading option by April though they weren’t sure about SCE Europe.

Apart from revealing that this was probably another feature that PlayStation 4 update 1.7 would bring, this also hinted towards an April release for the firmware. Until Sony discloses the official release date, we shall base our speculations around this.

Couple of days ago, Sony had detailed some of the features that we could expect to see in the upcoming PlayStation 4 update 1.7.

It was revealed that a video editor will be added to the console and more sharing features will be added along with the function to export the files to a USB. The update will also let you turn HDCP off so that gameplay can be captured using HDMI.

Even with the addition of the DualShock 4 light dimming feature and pre-loading options for digital games on PlayStation Store, the list of upcoming changes through PlayStation 4 update 1.7 is incomplete.

We shall keep you updated on the matter just as more information surfaces.