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Minecraft Generated $330 Million in Revenues in 2013

A recent report by WSJ takes a look at the revenues being generated by Minecraft for its developer Mojang. Despite being over five years old, the sandbox title is still producing huge numbers.

2013 saw to the Swedish video game company increasing their revenue margin by $330 million, which is a 38 percent increase from what they had in 2012. Last year alone saw to Mojang raking in $129 in profits which is superb.

According to the report by Wall Street Journal, Minecraft has so far sold more than 35 million copies across various platforms. The total sales are divided between 38 percent on PC, 30 percent on consoles and 25 percent on mobiles.

Here’s a little fact for you; Minecraft on the PC generates at an average $250,000 every 24 hours and that’s only one platform. It should be noted though that it’s the PC version alone, of which the money Mojang gets to keep for itself. Since it’s hosted on the company’s own site, they don’t have to split the amount between game retailers and online providers.

However even though Minecraft seems to be a behemoth in the making, recent mobile startups like King’s Candy Crush Saga and Supercell’s Clash of Clans have overshadowed the Minecraft developer.

According to WSJ, King raked in $1.88 billion in revenues for 2013, followed by Supercell with $892 million. Since both compnies feature a larger number of employees, the revenue per employee is low compared to Mojang who has only 40 employees at hand.

Source WSJ