Mario Vs Donkey Kong Sighted at GDC 2014 Was Just a Tech-Demo

Nintendo has disclosed a new version of Mario Vs Donkey Kong for Wii U at GDC 2014.

According to Siliconera, the reveal was just a tech-demo using Nintendo Web Framework which is a development environment based on Webkit Technology which uses common standards like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS.

This will allow more facilitated game development for Nintendo platforms. Although there have been some titles, which started off as tech-demos and ended up as complete games, Nintendo’s Damon Baker clearly stated that the tech-demo was just for demonstration purposes, and the company is not planning on developing the full game.

Courtesy of Siliconera, check out a couple of photographs which will showcase the demo running on a Wii U along with some monitors running the codes.

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a puzzle-platformer title which lets players take up the role of Mario and pursuing Donkey Kong to rescue Mini Marios.

The game features different challenges and levels, which are perfectly played on a handheld console. Until now, there are five titles released in the franchise, including the ones for GBA, Nintendo DS, and 3DS.