Hotfix Being Worked on for DayZ’s DeSync Issue

DayZ has recently been suffering from severe lag where the game’s server have been allegedly desyncing. This ultimately causes the ‘rubber band effect’ where after crossing some distance, the player is teleported back to his starting position. As you can imagine, it becomes really annoying really fast.

DayZ creator Dean Hall has confirmed on Twitter that Bohemia Interactive has identified the source of the problem and are currently working on a hotfix to resolve the issue.

“Source of crippling lag and desync issues appears to have been found. We are preparing a hotfix for test now. Will report soon #DayZDaily,” he wrote.

Even though Hall didn’t mention when players can expect the hot fix to arrive, they usually are released within the week.

A couple of days ago the developer announced new updates for the game that will add new towns, weapons, improvements to the engine itself, texture overhauls and fire ovens. There is so much going on right now behind the scenes of DayZ. We can only imagine how the popular survival game will shape up by the end of this year.

DayZ Standalone arrived on Steam Early Access on December 16th for $29.99.