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Guild Wars 2 Trait System Getting Overhauled With 40 New Traits

Yesterday, ArenaNet announced that they are not done with the game yet and will bring ton of changes to the game that will alter the player’s experience altogether. The new features will make their way to the Guild Wars 2 in the coming month of April.

Today, they shed some light on what are the changes coming in the next update.

First of all they have announced that there will be forty new traits coming to the game and the whole trait system of Guild Wars 2 will be completely overhauled. Following are some of the highlights of the new trait system.

Trait Tiers:
Now players will no longer have to visit a professional for accessing the trait tiers. As soon as you are of appropriate level the trait tier will become available.

Trait Points:
Currently, players have to invest five traits points to unlock the major or a minor trait but now a single point will be equivalent of the five old points. Now, when you reach level 80 you will have 14 points instead of the 70.

Refunding Traits:
The refunding traits are now free for PVE and PVP. Now a button will let you refund all the traits. New minus button will also be added to remove one trait point.

Unlocking Traits:
All of the major traits will be locked on characters after the release of feature pack. All the existing characters that were created before the feature pack will have existing major traits unlocked. The new system in the game will let you unlock the Major Traits with the item trait-guides. These will unlock the trait associated with it.

New Grandmaster Traits:
The feature pack will include forty new grandmaster traits where each of the profession will get one grandmaster trait per trait line to unlock.

See the preview of some grandmaster traits and all the other trait features coming next month on the Guild Wars 2 official Website.