Epic Games Shooter Bulletstorm Disappears From Steam

Shooter Bulletstorm from developer Epic Games and EA has disappeared from the Steam storefront. It’s likely that this is due to its use of Games for Windows Live, which is panned to make an exit this year.

There’s no official word as to why the game has disappeared so far, but since many other Games for Windows Live titles have done a similar thing, this is the probable explanation. For now, the shooter is still available through EA’s own Origin, though it does retain the Windows service there.

Previously, other Steam games have made a return after ditching their Windows hook. Titles include the Bioshock series, Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Ace Combat and many more.

Games for Windows Live never really was a functional way to tie games to their digital state. It frequently hindered progress through convoluted steps more than it offered in itself.

Now, Microsoft has Windows Azure for its networking capabilities. Titanfall is one of the games that use this constantly, for instance. You can judge for yourself if you think it’s working well.

Bulletstorm was one of the more original shooters Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games had a hand in. It featured a series of tricks that could be performed to score points.

With a set of different weaponry, gamers could use both their arsenal and the environment to kill hordes of enemies in various ways. Regardless of this, Bulletstorm didn’t do as well as expected, perhaps due to the huge overuse of cursing in the game.

Developer People Can Fly, now called Epic Games Poland, was responsible for bringing this game to market. It also worked on the Painkiller series and some of the Gears of War titles.

Source: Slashgear.