DirectX 12 To Support All Current Hardware From AMD, Intel and nVidia

Microsoft unveiled DirectX 12 at Game Developer’s Conference 2014. Being the platform that game developers have used since over two decades, the next stage of the API has been as welcome as anything.

The GDC 2014 brought forth another wave of good tiding for many of us; people were expecting that, being a newer technology, the DirectX 12 would need new hardware for support. However, it has been revealed that the current hardware from every platform, including NVIDIA, AMD and Intel would be supported.

It has been seven years since the last version of DirectX. Except for Mantle, DirectX has been the key platform for game developers for years on years. Even though AMD’s mantle has turned things around, DirectX 12 is certainly promising to be the next big thing.

An evidence of that would be how it is supporting all the current GPU architectures and on top of that, the higher efficiency that it will introduce in the form of lower overhead and enhanced GPU performances.

The new Direct3D 12 API will be able to use the current and upcoming hardware and improve how the hardware resources are used; this will boost the overall performance letting the hardware to reach its maximum potential.

AMD, who recently developed their own API, Mantle, have followed tradition and announced support for DirectX 12 on their Graphics Core Next hardware.

This was followed by Intel’s announcement that fourth-generation Haswell CPUs will support the new API for Iris and Iris Pro chips. NVIDIA followed suit by announcing that their Maxwell, Kepler GPUs as well as the Fermi would be supportive of DirectX 12.

It is still a question as to what Os will see the launch of DirectX 12 though, we know that Windows XP is being left out for being too old but there is no word on any other platform except for speculations? Which other Operating Systems would the API be launched on?