Crytek Releases F2P RTS Title for iOS Dubbed “The Collectables”

Crytek, known for its Cutting edge Graphics has released a mobile game “The Collectables” – a top-down Real Time Strategy title using the CryEngine for the iOS as a Free-to-Play title.

The player controls the team via touch, as they shoot their way into the enemy checkpoints capturing vital points like radio towers, destroying enemy bases etc. The team works as one but the player can also control individual team member and have him move to cover or flank/ambush an approaching enemy.

The campaign is structured like an 80s TV show with each Mission broken down into 5 mini levels. For now the game has 40 Missions but Crytek has plans of releasing new missions as well as live events which feature new content, game modes, levels, equipment and heroes.

The team also has an arsenal of ‘abilities’ that show up as Cards. The player can blast the enemy base with air strikes or heal his teammates and more with these Ability Cards, each ability can be used once per mission. New ability cards can be unlocked as the player levels up, initiially the player can select 10 Ability Cards for each mission and unlock more card slots.

Completing missions rewards the player with new Cards and in-game currency such as gold and fuel which can be used to upgrade the character. The player can also purchase booster packs which gives the player a small collection of new Cards as well as Soldier Types which have their own power tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Legendary. As is with F2P models these days, the player can also purchase these booster packs with real money.

You can download the game from here.