You Can Now Get Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for $450 at Walmart

Although Xbox One was launched for a higher price and Microsoft have had their fair share of criticism for that; the price of the console has been discounted on various occasions since then and one of the most lucrative offers has been the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

Previously, the Xbox One Titanfall bundle had been made available for a price of $500 and now Walmart is offering the same bundle for 50 bucks less!

Yes, you can get your hands on an Xbox One along with their most anticipated game at $450. This is actually $49 less than the original price of the console alone!

The downside to this is that the Titanfall game will be a digital copy with a download code and not a physical one. Even this might not matter to some of you since the price of the physical copy of Titanfall and the digital copy are the same at the moment i.e. $60.

Moreover, the Xbox One Titanfall bundle at Walmart is only available through the website, so don’t go rushing to the stores to claim one for yourself.

Titanfall released to Xbox One and PC on March 11 and will be released to Xbox 360 on April 8. Ever since the game was released it has managed to increase the hardware sales of Xbox One by 96 percent in UK – as expected by the analysts and as hoped by Microsoft.

So which ones of you are still waiting to get Xbox One? Would you be picking up the Xbox One Titanfall bundle at Walmart?