Battlefield 4 Naval Strike DLC Release Date and Battlelog Upgrade Announced

Dice have announced plans to give a complete update to Battlelog, the social stat tracker and mobile service used by Battlefield 4, on March 25. Improvements to the Emblems, Portraits and Mobile Application services along with a Battlefield 4 Naval Assault DLC visual theme for Premium Members to commemorate the release of the DLC.

The upgrade to the mobile app includes improved “Privacy Settings” which allows the players to control the access to their profiles by strangers as well as block unwanted friend requests. Players will now have the ability to play in ‘invisible mode’ which hides their Online presence to their friends list.

Soldier portraits can now be viewed and selected from the Mobile App. For now, Dice has announced the addition of Emblems to the Mobile App, but they cannot be viewed and selected via the Mobile App in this upgrade. The last addition is the ability to access/view Battle packs in the Mobile App.

Major changes for the April 8th update include Platoon Server Tab’, which allows the player to see how many players from his/her platoon are playing in. Selecting the Platoon from the Platoon home page takes the player to the server page showing all the servers that the fellow platoon members are playing in.

The servers will be listed based on the number of platoon members inhabiting that server for the player’s ease. The update will also add Loadout Presets allowing players to create and manage kit loadouts.