Battlefield 4 PC Exploit Targets Twitch Broadcasters, Crashes Server, Kicks Targeted Players

Battlefield 4 has been really consistent in finding problems that plague the player experience – be it the net code issues or the random crashes, and when the developer has finally fixed majority of these issues, a recently found security exploit has enabled trouble-makers to kick players on commander-enabled servers.

Although at this time, it isn’t widespread but who knows when more and more troublemakers figure out the exploit and start kicking the players out of the servers at will.

When an exploiter attempts to kick players by crashing the server, players in the server will experience a huge lag spike, followed by a brief warning message saying ‘No Free Commander Slots’ and finally, all the players will be kicked from the server.

Some of these attacks are targeted towards the broadcasters who stream live multiplayer sessions on Twitch.

As I previously suggested, currently it’s not really a widespread issue with broadcasters being the primary targets, but it won’t hurt to avoid the commander slots enabled server until DICE release a fix for that exploit.

Watch the embedded stream to know what exactly happens when someone attempts that: