Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Trailer Features a Train Ride With Nazis

A couple of new trailers were released today for Wolfenstein: The New Order, the first of which shows the train sequence gameplay which was showcased at E3 and GamesCom last year. Viewers will essentially come to know what happens when you board a train from Poland to Berlin that is inhabited with Nazis and a robot that’s programmed to kill.

The second trailer is more of a developer video featuring Machine Games’ narrative designer Tommy Tordsson Björk.

Wolfensstein: The New Order was announced back in May of last year and is set in a world where the Nazis won World War II thanks to a mysterious advanced technology. The game is being developed using id Software’s id Tech 5 and will release for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC on May 20 in North America and May 23 in Europe.

The game is rumored to feature around 15-20 hours of normal game time. Though Bethesda has yet to officially confirm this. The publisher did however confirm that Wolfenstein will run at 1080p 60 fps on both the Xbox One and PS4.

Those who pre-order the game will be rewarded with a key for the beta of the new DOOM, of which we know nothing about. QuakeCon 2014 is going to take place in July. We expect id Software to detail their new DOOM installment there.