SimCity Offline Mode Gets New Details, Allows You to Scrap Created Content

SimCity offline mode was unleashed yesterday to an eagerly awaiting audience; it had been a long time coming.

We are happy that Maxis is no longer forcing players to stay online if they wish to play the city builder and now we are happier that they have listed down certain new features of the new mode.

First off, you get to choose between Single Player and Multi Player at the Main Menu and you can switch back and forth between them. Moreover, the developers have tried to make the game as huge as the SimCity online version. For that reason features like multi-city, regional interdependence and city specializations have been kept intact.

In short, the game will look and feel the same way as its multiplayer counterpart.

The producer of SimCity offline mode, Meghan McDowell explains how the single player mode will let you manage multiple cities and how you will be allowed to reload them i.e. discard the previous creations if you didn’t like the way they turned out to be:

You can manage as many cities as you’d like within a Region and because they are stored locally, you have more options on how you decide to Save and Reload them. The new “Save As” option allows you to create multiple versions of your Regions and now you can turn off AutoSave completely so that you have full control over the save states of your Regions. This opens up more options for you to prod, tinker, and most importantly, destroy all of your little creations.

Also, all the DLC you own will remain at your service in both the modes.

Did you get to play SimCity offline mode? How did you like it?