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Royalty Free CryEngine Subscription Announced by CryTek

Just as Epic Games announced that they will be charging a monthly subscription for their Unreal Engine 4, CryTek have also taken a step ahead announcing a royalty free CryEngine subscription; looks like everyone is after the indie developers.

The announcement was made couple of hours ago through the official website of CryEngine where they referred to it as ‘Engine as a service” program (EaaS). Here’s how the director of business development at Crytek, Carl Jones expressed his opinion about the EaaS program:

“When we announced the new CRYENGINE this was our first step towards creating an engine as a service. We are happy to announce now that the latest update of CRYENGINE will soon be available to all developers on a subscription basis. We are really excited to make CRYENGINE available to hundreds of thousands of developers working with Crytek to make awesome games.”

The post also details the pricing as well as the features that CryEngine houses. At the initial stage, the subscription will cost 9.90 US dollars per month for each user. This will be royalty free.

In return for this, the users will be able to enjoy benefits that include the recently announced addition of CRYENGINE features such as Physically Based Shading, Geometry Cache and Image Based Lighting – an upgrade already shown in action by Crytek at this year’s GDC in San Francisco.

Other than this, CryTek has said that they will be introducing ‘game changing’ opportunities too developers under the program in the future. I am wondering what those game changing features could be.

How do you look at the Royalty Free CryEngine Subscription?