PS3 Exclusive Rain Gets Retail Release In Japan

Despite not making too much of a fuss overseas, Playstation 3 exclusive Rain will receive a retail release in Japan. According to reports on Gematsu, the game will launch in physical format for 2,200 yen on June 5, 2014.

Along with a disc of the game, the retail version will also hold the theme song Ame ga Utsushidasu Monogatari, as well as the music video for it. Moreover, the game comes with a dynamic custom theme and three static ones for the Playstation 3 home screen.

As the title suggests, Rain is an adventure centered on the dynamics of a ghostly urban environment with frequent rainfall. Players control a boy that turns invisible and follows a girl through a city.

Invisibility is used in pairing with enemies, who can spot the boy when walking through the downpour. Things like contours and footsteps become visible in the water, leading the boy to find shelter to escape foes.

Naturally, Rain also has a few puzzles hanging around to do more than walk around in the area. It’s more of an artful concept than a game, but it has a certain calming charm to it.

While Rain got respectable review scores when it first released in October of 2013, it sort of plopped on the Playstation Network without so much as a peep. It was highly overlooked after that.

It tried to recreate the whirlwind of attention that artsy title Journey had, but didn’t quite reach the same heights. Like that game, it’s also a little short, with half a dozen hours or so.

You can still get Rain on PSN now for $14.99.