Pre-Loading Feature for PlayStation 4 Coming Next Month, Claims Sucker Punch

Sucker Punch has claimed that PlayStation 4 users will soon be allowed to pre-load their games, at least in North America.

The studio seems pretty confident that the pre-loading feature will be added next month for PS4 owners in the said region, but at the same time didn’t confirm of its availability in Europe. Sony on the other hand has yet to officially announce any such plans.

“No preload on PS4 until April and for North America, the PS Store will update at midnight PST…so 3am EST,” said Sucker Punch when replying to a fan who asked if there was a way to pre-download Infamous: Second Son before its release date.

It then proceeded to confirm the feature for North America – “Not sure about SCEE but yes on SCEA.”

Sony’s last update on their future plans was yesterday when a post mentioned a system update for the PS4 “in the coming weeks” that will add a number of features aimed at users who want to share gameplay footage online including a “rich video editor” and a new option enabling the exporting of saved clips and screenshots to USB drives. An inclusion of a ‘HDCP off’ option was also mentioned that will allow players to stream gameplay footage through HDMI using a capture card.

Source Twitter