Mighty No. 9 GDC Gameplay Clip Counts The 9 Robots

There’s a new video out for Mighty no. 9, where Keiji Inafune plays some of the game. It’s still GDC 2014, so that’s why that’s happening.

In the broken off bits of gameplay, we get the rudimentary animations and combat for the characters. Running seems to be a little slower than expected, together with some jumping.

Most other things retain the usual Mega Man charm Mighty No. 9 exudes. Locations are mostly mechanical and metallic and enemies are a series of different robots.

There are some neat things shown off though. For instance, a forward dash allows for going over larger gaps and even squeezing through narrow sections.

Furthermore, there’s a dynamic where players dash through enemies for a certain pickup. Each time, this is accompanied by a “great” or “good” prompt.

Perhaps also not available in all Mega Man titles, Mighty No. 9 has the ability to shoot diagonally. It’s shown off once while in the air.

During these short segments, there are some stills from the nine represented characters in the game. We’ll list their basic premise in a list below:

  • Mighty No. 1 – Flame element that uses his body for defense and detonates to attack.
  • Mighty No. 2 – Water element that has a giant reserve to spout liquid or freeze it.
  • Mighty No. 3 – Electric element that can control machinery as well.
  • Mighty No. 4 – Earth element specializing in strength that can also reform terrain.
  • Mighty No. 5 – Assault type made almost entirely out of guns.
  • Mighty No. 6 – Airborne helicopter and plane hybrid, used in pairing with others.
  • Mighty No. 7 – Ninja with a sword.
  • Mighty No. 8 – Sombrero-wearing sniper with camouflage tactics.
  • Mighty No. 9 – Beck, the entity that players control.

What’s your favorite? If you said anything else than the sombrero one, your priorities are weird.