Intel: DirectX 12 Brings “The Most Significant Leap in Windows Graphics in Many Years”

Microsoft’s DirectX 12 reveal at GDC 2014 today has apparently impressed many big names in the hardware business, including Intel, Nvidia and AMD.

All three companies agreed that Microsoft’s new API would bring a significant leap in performance. It also helps that Microsoft is planning to release DirectX 12 across all of its platforms – PC, mobile devices and consoles. This would ensure that hardware companies can ensure quality across the board.

Intel announced that its 4th Generation Core processors will be ready with DX12 support at launch and also that it aims to support it across a “broad range of its products.”

Graphic cards manufacturer Nvidia announced something similar. The company will be supporting the DX12 API on all of the DX11-class GPUs that it’s already released: the Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell architectural families. It won’t require new hardware. By the time it ships, Nvidia says, 50 percent of gamers will be DX12 capable.

DirectX 12 is said to be more efficient and flexible to work with; offering applications more direct control over graphics memory usage and hardware resources while allowing developers to get better performance from multi-core systems.

Microsoft has confirmed that its planning to release DirectX 12 during the Holiday season of 2015. The request for Windows 7 support is popular but Microsoft has only mentioned that it will consider it. The company will probably see fit to release it exclusively for Windows 8, just so that people have to make the jump over.