Guild Wars 2: Feature Pack Releasing in April; Ton of New Updates

The month of April will see to the introduction of a “sweeping range of new systems and feature enhancements” to Guild Wars 2.

The ‘Feature Pack’ will release on April 15 and will bring updates to many aspects of the game, including new upgrades and balancing to existing gameplay systems.

In a new blog post, Arena Net’s Colin Johanson said that there are far too many updates included in the Feature Pack to be detailed in one post. Hence, between now and April 4 the team will be revealing every future through regular installments.

“We’ve got a lot planned for this first feature pack; too much to talk about in one blog post or video,” reads the post. “Between now and the release, we’ll announce and discuss each major feature contained within the April 2014 Feature Pack.”

Today’s blog post is the first of those reveals and focuses on traits.

You will no longer need to visit a profession trainer and buy a training manual to access adept, master and grandmaster traits. Characters now also unlock traits earlier, at level 30, master traits at 60, and grandmaster traits at 80.

The trait interface is getting an overhaul and is being simplified. Players will now be able to refund their traits for free and can change them as well, anywhere in the world at any time. Additionally unlocking a new minor or major trait now takes only one trait instead of five. As a result fewer trait points will be handed out.

A total of 40 new grandmaster traits are being added as well.

Source Guild Wars 2