Forza 5 Shown Running at 60FPS on PC Using DirectX 12

There was a DirectX 12 presentation today at GDC 2014, where Microsoft talked about its new multimedia and game programming API and its features.

Microsoft stated that Direct X12 would be released for the Xbox One as well and will help boost the graphical quality of its games. To showcase this Microsoft readied a demonstration of Forza 5 running on PC at constant 60 frames per second.

Chris Tector, Chief Architect at Turn 10 Studios, pointed out that it took only a small 4-man team to port the game over from its “Xbox One Direct3D 11.X core rendering engine to use Direct3D 12.”

The rest of Microsoft’s presentation continued highlighting the many improvements DirectX 12 would bring. Interestingly the new API is able to enhance any modern graphics chip. It also brings down overall CPU utilization by 50 percent, enabling the program to make use of the graphics memory in an efficient manner.

DirectX 12 is officially confirmed to arrive in Fall of 2015. Unfortunately for the PC folks, the new API is going to be exclusive to Windows 8. Microsoft did mention that they’ll consider bringing it to Windows 7 but that seems highly unlikely.