Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Original Launch Was a Failure, Yoshida Explains Why

The original launch of Square Enix’s latest Final Fantasy MMO for the PlayStation 4, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has been categorized as a failure since the game made it to the market back in 2010.

Naoki Yoshida of the developer who is also the director, producer and designer of the game in question explained at the Game Developer Conference 2014 why Final Fantasy XIV didn’t make the grade.

One of the major reasons highlighted by him during his talk was that the success that Square Enix enjoyed with Final Fantasy XI was enormous and that somehow led the studio towards greater risks of failure.

In his opinion, the problem with Final Fantasy XIV had been the fact that the developer failed to get rid of policies that had become outdated at the time of the game’s launch. Stubbornness, according to him, was the key to failure.

He explained that when Final Fantasy XI was launched in 2002, the industry was in the nascent stages of massively multiplayer RPGs. On the other hand, Final Fantasy XIV came out nearly a decade later, and a lot had changed ever since.

However, Square Enix wasn’t up to date.

He said that the developer had kept focusing on graphics alone and eventually led to player experience being compromised. He gave an example of a flowerpot that had used up 1K polygons and 150 lines of shader codes. This is actually the kind of load that a complete playable character caries.

Nonetheless, he was now confident that they had backtracked and worked on Final Fantasy XIV again to make it a better experience in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn.

Do you agree with him?