EA Releases Infographic For 5 Years FIFA Ultimate Team

Publisher EA has released an infographic that celebrates five years of FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) in its football franchise. It was first brought to the series in 2009 as a paid batch of downloadable content (DLC).

Since its inclusion into the series, the player base for FUT has grown from 1 million users to well over 10 million players. It is now the number one most popular game mode in any FIFA release.

In FUT, players manage a team from a set of cards. Each card represents a certain athlete, along with their stats, fitness, and availability and so on.

By winning rounds, it’s possible to score points and use those either in the store or on a transfer market. You can opt to either purchase card packs filled with new players or scope out the one addition you need to a team on a transfer market.

A total of 64% partake in the game mode. What the hell are those other people doing that they can’t play house with their own team?

Strangely enough, it took EA until FIFA 12 to start handing this design out for free in the game itself, which is sort of counterproductive, given it has a monetization option. Since EA allows you to use real money to purchase cards, you can imagine this has done well for them.

In the latest iteration, FIFA 14, there have been some interesting alterations made to the game mode. Most importantly, FUT 14 introduced chemistry styles, which makes players with similar interest play much better when paired together.

Additionally, the Xbox version also received an exclusive range of Legends. These are notable players from throughout the ages that can be added to the squad.

If you enjoy a few rounds of FIFA Ultimate Team, then don’t forget to load it up soon to unlock five free gold packs. There’s an anniversary banner on your console or PC version that should have those waiting for you.